2023 Western Washington Winter Cluster

Reserved Covered Preferred Parking

Parking is extremely limited inside the Fairgrounds. A limited number of Covered Parking Space Permits (14) are available for purchase for $175.  The permit provides for access to the Covered Parking area on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  It is restricted to the area by the Centennial Building (Bubble). 
 Online Covered Limited Parking Reservations and Payment
Reservations are now open.  Reservations can be made and paid for with credit or debit card at the by clicking the box or the link below. Online Covered Limited Parking Reservations and payments will be acknowledged by email.
Click the link to the right or the button to make Online Covered Limited Parking Reservations.   Note: Reservations will close at midnight, December 21, 2022.

  Questions regarding Covered Limited Parking Reservations? 
Email:  PVDFinfo@gmail.com

Covered Limited Parking Rules – Applies to All Permit Holders

  • Parking is extremely limited inside the fairgrounds.
  • 14 permits for Covered Limited Parking are available FOR $175 each (regardless of vehicle size)
  • The Permit allow access for Covered Parking on Fri, Sat, and Sun ONLY.
  • Parking is restricted to the area by Centennial Building ONLY.
  • Vehicles found parked elsewhere will be asked to move immediately.
  • No use of generators.
  • Failure to comply with the rules as outlined above will be subject to an event show hearing, possible tow, and/or being escorted off the grounds.